How to help

Option 1: Spread the Word
You can support Toy Drop by simply spreading the word to friends and family. You can like our facebook page: ,share our posts, and post photos of you and the toy you'll be donating in honor of Toy Drop. Or do all three. Your support will not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

Option 2: Give a toy
Randy Oler's dream was to combine his love of airborne operations and giving. You don't have to contribute directly to Fort Bragg. You can join the Airborne community from home simply by donating a Toy to any of the myriad of orangizations from Toys for Tots to your local church or even helping a family you know will be in need this year. If you do, please send us a photo of you and your donation, maybe with a sign that says "+1 Toy for Toy Drop" to of your donation and we'll post it on our facebook and Google+ pages, simply tag Operation Toy Drop to your photo and post it to your wall.

Option 3: Send a toy
You can help by sending  a new, unwrapped toy and we’ll make sure it gets into the hands of a deserving child.

When donating, please do not wrap the toy and remember this toy could be the only one a child receives this year, please select a toy with thought and meaning.

You can donate to the Fort Bragg community by sending a toy to

Attn: Toy Drop Elves
2175 Reilly Road, Stop A
Fort Bragg, NC 28310-5200

All questions and comments should be directed to Toy Drop PAO at

Option 4: Bring a toy 
Or you can bring a toy to the big jump on Saturday, December 6th on Sicily Drop Zone. Check out the "Join Us" tab for directions to the event.

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  1. I would be happy to Donate to Support a Child. It's a crime not to help children in need when you have the opportunity and the means to do it.