For Paratroopers

Paratroopers, in order to participate in toy drop you MUST bring your ACH and Dog Tags to Green Ramp on Friday, December 5, 2014 and YOU must be on Hazardous Duty Orders.

Fequently Asked questions

Q1. How do I sign up?
A1. First Talk to your Air NCO and see if your unit has any slots. If so, go through them to get a parachute, if not, then see below about joining the lottery. You must be on Hazardous duty orders in order to jump during toy drop. Permissive status does not qualify.

Q2. What do I need to bring with me?
A2. ACU's,ID Card, ID Tags and ACH/ballistic helmet are all MANDATORY requirements for manifest and Lottery.

Q3. Am I guaranteed Foreign Jump Wings? What if I already have those wings? Can I swap parachutes with someone?
A3. Yes, if you jump, you will earn foreign jump wings. You cannot swap parachutes with someone to get different jump wings even if you're in a guaranteed slot. It is the luck of the draw only.

Q4. How does Lottery day work?
A4. The doors for the lottery will open at 0800 on Friday December 5th at Green Ramp on Pope field. If you brought a toy to donate you will give it to the toy collection team (AKA the elves) and then fill out a liability form verifying you are on HDO. This year we need to fill 500 parachutes during the lottery. You are encouraged to show up early, around 0600. Once all the toys have been collected and everyone gets a ticket a lottery will be held.

Q5. Lets say they call my number? Then what?
Q5. If your lottery number is called you must sound off or you may be scratched. You will show your winning ticket, ID Card, Ballistic Helmet, and your dog tags to the jump master so you can be manifested. If you don't have everything you need to jump, you may be scratched. Once your lift is fully manifested you'll then conduct SAT and learn in-flight procedures with a foreign Jump master.

Q6. How long does all this last?
A6. The Lottery is normally over by 1400, If you win a jump slot, expect to be done around 1500.

Q7. If I decide to bring a toy, what kind do you recommend? Is there a price range for the toys and can/should I bring more than one toy?
A7. There is no price range for the toys, however please bring a toy that you would want your child to open during the Holidays. Remember this is a philanthropic event. We're here to bring toys to children who otherwise wouldn't have anything to open during this Holiday season. You are welcome to bring as many toys as you can, however additional toys do not give additional lottery chances. Your toy should be unwrapped and still in its original packaging.

Q8. Are you looking for any kind of toys in particular?
A8. We are usually short of toys for teenage boys and girls. Bicycles for any age are always a safe bet for all kids.Keep in mind, these kids may not have batteries, a TV, or anything of their own for that matter. Your toy should be ready to play with out of the box, be sure to include extra batteries.

Q9. This is a great event! Can I donate a toy even though I’m not jumping?

A9. Absolutely. There are several drop boxes available at all AAFES locations on Fort Bragg.  Or you can bring toys out on lottery day 12/5 at green ramp or 12/6 on Sicily Drop Zone from 0800-1200.

Q10. Can I come out Saturday with a toy and get on the jump?
A10. No, no one will be added to the jump after the manifest on Friday.

Q11. Okay, this is my whole Friday, will there be food or other entertainment?
A11. The USACAPOC(A) Family Readiness Group will be selling food and coffee. There will be some areas for children, but it will be pretty dull for the smaller age children, plan accordingly.

Q12. What about Saturday? Can my family come out and watch me jump?

A12. Absolutely! Please bring them! We will jumping at Sicily Drop Zone starting at 0730 and going all day from there. Parking is difficult, so watch carefully for the parking attendants to guide you. There will be carpool parking closer to the action for those who carpool. There will be food, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.  We will also have a shuttle going back and forth from Sicily DZ to Green Ramp for paratroopers.

Q13. Do I have to pay for any of this?
Q13. Other than food, everything is free! This includes parking, the kids area, Santa, etc. No charge for anything except the wonderful food and drink the FRG will be supplying. It's usually pretty cold on the Drop zone so feel free to bring plenty of cold weather gear, and remember to pack some coffee/hot chocolate funds, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. Cash only please, the FRG is not able to take credit cards.

Q14. I know a Church/Business/Organization that distributes toys. Can Toy Drop help them?
A14. Absolutely, if they are a registered 501(c) charity, have them contact the USACAPOC(A) PAO office (see right sidebar) and we'll work with them. The more people that pull together for this event, the stronger it becomes.

Q15. What type of parachute will be used?
A15. Paratroopers who jump on Friday and Saturday will use a T-11.


  1. I participated in optoydrop in october of 2005 and jumped with the Germans and received my wings. Unfortunatley through all of my moves i've misplaced my orders and only have my German certificate. I need my orders for my promotion packet and was hoping to see if you guys still had manifests from that far back or possibly a copy of the orders since HRC/IPERMS has nothing for me. Thanks a lot for the help!

  2. OPTOYDROP- Great event, opportunity to learn and experience foreign jump modus operandi, being part of the largest multi-national Jump exercise, collaboration with allied nations' jump masters, and most importantly giving back to community while bringing smiles to children during festive season and upholding Selfless Service !! One Word - AWESOME !!

    I would like to volunteer for OpToyDrop 13 in any capacity. Need information regarding the same.
    POC info for SM's who might be interested to volunteer would be great !!

    Is there a TOYDROP jump also on 11 Dec 13?


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  5. I am a retired soldier (not airborne - sigh) and amateur photographer. I would like to photograph this event. I have another event in Fayetteville at 1200. Will I miss anything if I leave early? I will be there as long as I can stay. Mary Dassau e-mail

  6. Has your organization ever considered bridging the relationship further by allowing the donating and participating paratroopers to engage the same children which receive the toys? I think our youth need more of this and it would leave a definitive memory with the child and the paratrooper. Regardless, thank you for your amazing contribution and to Randy Oler for being a dedicated initiator.