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Can I attend?

Yes, the public is invited to attend the largest multi-national event in the world unfold on Sicily Drop Zone located just outside Fort Bragg.

The public is invited to attend the main airborne operation on Friday, December 5th at 0700 and Saturday, December 6th. The first planes should be over the drop zone at 7:30 a.m. - but come a little earlier if you want to see Santa arrive on Saturday!

What will I see?

First and foremost you'll see Paratroopers from around the world conducting airborne operations and exchanging wings most of the day. Second, there are lots of activities on the drop zone including games, Santa, and food.

As with all airborne operations, the schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather. .

Directions to Sicily

From:  All-American Expressway (Inspection Required)

Head North on All-American
Pass through All-American Gate to Fort Bragg  (Inspection)
Continue on All-American 3.0 Miles, on Fort Bragg
Turn Left at Longstreet go 3.6 Miles
Pass Through Long Street Gate, Leave Fort Bragg
Turn Right at Lamont Road go 2.9miles
Turn Left at W. Manchester Road go 2.8 miles
Turn Left at Sicily Drop Zone

[Link to Google Map]
From: I-95
Take exit 46 to 87N, go 5.3 Miles
Take exit 104 for Robeson St. toward US-401, Turn Left, go 1.8 miles
Turn Left at Raeford Road, go 10.5miles
Turn Right at Wayside Road, go 1.6 miles
Turn right at Plank Road, go 3.3 miles
Continue onto Chicken Road, go 2.5 miles
Turn Left at Mac Ridge Road, go 3.7 miles
Continue onto Lamont Drive, go 2.9 miles
Turn left at W. Manchester Road, go 2.8 miles
Turn Left at Sicily Drop Zone

[Link to Google Map]
 From U.S. 1
Take exit 690 toward Vass, go 0.4 miles
Turn left at N. Carolina 690 E/Main St, go 5.4miles
Continue onto Morrison Bridge Rd, go 2.4 miles
Turn left at Manchester Rd, drive 3.0 miles
Turn Right

[Link to Google Map]

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