Monday, October 15, 2012

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“Fimbres, you did way better last year. What happened?” said Ms. Tina Beller, now in her civilian capacity. I guess I, too, had fallen victim to the sophomore slump.  The good news was that I was able to redeem myself with a video project I was tasked to do this year; more on that another day. Back to this shot.
This is Abby Cardenas, the daughter of one of CAPOC’s soldiers, Sgt. Miley Cardenas, obviously dressed up as a Soldier, just like her mom. And so, being cute, she scored herself a LuftLande Brigade 26-SAARLAND patch and was pretty happy she did.  I just so happened to be off the drop zone walking around and was able to catch her showing it off.
What I liked about it this shot was that it is one of the few times I was able to get not only American and Foreign representation, but also a child, which is basically the holy grail of Toy Drop Shots.  Obviously the big reason for Toy Drop is because Randy wanted to combine airborne operation and helping children, but usually those kids in need can’t be photographed.
Of course, Abby here didn’t get a toy, but she did get to experience the airborne camaraderie out on the drop zone, and she did get that awesome patch.
To me it just sums up Toy drop, the international airborne community, coming together for the kids.
We ended up using this for a movie poster, and made about 5 copies to announce the video I mentioned earlier. I’m working on getting the video online soon, hopefully.
Technical Notes: This shot really needs a flash. There was a beautiful blue sky behind her, but you can’t really tell since it’s so over exposed.  Compositionally, it suffers from a pine tree coming out of her back and thru her head. She could have been lined up differently. I shot this with my own Rebel XT, with a 50mm lens, (with crop factor works out to be about 77 mm) at about f/1.8” Staff Sgt. Felix R. Fimbres.

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